Ben Gray is the Visual Manager at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, where he has worked for the past 11 years. With more than 16 years as a professional photojournalist he has covered all manor of sports, news and feature assignments across the nation and Latin America. The son of a civil engineer and an artist, he is constantly tinkering, building, fixing and improving things.


GrayMatter Inventions

  1. -The Stroller Story-

  2. I started Gray Matter Inventions after inventing and building the tranStroller to fill a need in our family. Not long after we had our second child, we were at a festival when my wife took our oldest daughter out of the stroller and left to get food. I now had our side-by-side stroller with only one child in it. I was already self-conscious about running people off the sidewalk with the wide stroller, now with one seat empty I felt even more awkward. To make matters worse, I was thirsty and the stroller was too wide to fit into the beer tent. Over the next few weeks I built a prototype convertible stroller based on our favorite stroller--the light, versatile umbrella stroller. We used the prototype for nearly a year and found it to be the most convenient stroller we had ever used. It worked so well that I pursued and recently was granted a patent on the design. I am now looking to license the technology to a manufacturer and share it with fellow parents.

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